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The 1917 Clinic is a comprehensive AIDS treatment and research center operated by UAB. The center was conceived by UAB research fellow Michael Saag and funded in part with a grant from the National Institutes of Health. It opened on January 28, 1988 and was named for its location in the former Charles H. McCauley Associates building at 1917 5th Avenue South. The current director is James Raper.

The 1917 Clinic combines patient care with research conducted through detailed patient data collected over time and clinical trials for new treatments. Each patient is assigned to a medical team which includes an attending physician, a nurse practitioner or research fellow, a registered nurse, and a social worker. The clinic can arrange for consultations by other specialists and caregivers depending on patient needs.

In 1993 the Clinic moved to UAB's Community Care Building at 908 20th Street South. In January 2013 the clinic, already at capacity with 2,100 patients enrolled in care, accepted transfers from more than 800 additional patients of the former St George's Clinic at Cooper Green Mercy Hospital.

In December 2020 the 1917 Clinic moved to 50,664 square feet in the Dewberry Building at 3201 4th Avenue South. The $6.5 million renovation of the building was undertaken by Farris Properties, which leases the space to UAB.


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