Griffin Brook

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Griffin Brook, also known as Griffin Creek, is a stream originating in Birmingham at the base of Red Mountain's southern slope and running through Homewood to Shades Creek. It meanders south-southwest, running through Rosedale, Homewood Park, and Edgewood before finally feeding into Shades Creek near the intersection of Green Springs Highway and Lakeshore Drive.

In her history, Homewood: The Life of a City, Sheryl Spradling Summe hypothesizes that the creek may have been named for Phillip Griffin, an early settler who lived nearby in 1854.

From 1915 to the 1940s, Shades Creek was dammed at Columbiana Road, just downstream of where Griffin Brook fed into it. This formed Edgewood Lake, a popular recreational resort during the 1920s and 30s. The base of Griffin Brook formed a portion of this lake and was named Blue Hole. A portion of the dry lake bed is still visible along Broadway Street between Saulter Road and Green Springs Highway.


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