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This article is about a policeman in Shelby County. For similarly named people, see Johnny Brown (disambiguation).

Johnny Brown (born 1968) is a former Alabaster policeman and the former chief of the Columbiana Police Department.

Brown is a lifelong resident of Columbiana. He joined the Alabaster Police Department as an adult. In 2001 he left to become an officer in the Columbiana Police Department. The following year, he was promoted to sergeant and in 2004 became Columbiana's chief upon the resignation of Michael Lann.

On March 19, 2007, the Shelby County Sheriff's Department began investigating unspecified criminal charges against Brown at the behest of Columbiana Mayor Allan Lowe. Lowe also had a Columbiana police detective investigating whether Brown violated city policies. Brown went on extended sick leave for unrevealed reasons when the investigations were announced, but resigned on April 2, saying he wished to spend more time with his family.

On May 7 Brown was indicted in Shelby County on two counts of misdemeanor theft as a result of the Sheriff's Department's investigation. Late in the month he pleaded guilty to one charge, receiving a 12-month suspended sentence, a fine, and the revocation of his Alabama Police Officer Standards and Training Commission certification, meaning he can no longer be a police officer in Alabama. The second charge was dropped.

Preceded by:
Michael Lann
Chief of Columbiana Police Department
Succeeded by:
Shawn King (interim)


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