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The Shelby County Historical Society is a non-profit organization compiling, preserving and publicizing the history of Shelby County. The group's offices, archives and history museum are located in the Old Shelby County Courthouse (1854) in Columbiana. The society, which was founded on January 18, 1974, meets quarterly and publishes a quarterly newsletter with illustrated articles on history and genealogy. The president of the society until his retirement in November 2015, was Bobby Joe Seales.

The society's archives include the historical records of the Shelby County Courthouse and microfilm or digitized copies of Shelby County newspapers, deed books, state records pertaining to the county, and other research collections. The museum collection of artifacts include the bell from the "Alabama" locomotive which was the first to enter Shelby County on July 4, 1853, items from the Creek Indians, the contents of the 1906 Shelby County time capsule, a sign from the Columbiana Southern Railway Depot, and three coal cars and a section of track abandoned in the Gurnee Mine in west Shelby County.

The Society's history museum was remodeled in the 2000s, culminating with a grand re-opening in February 2010.

On February 4, 2024, the society celebrated it's 50th anniversary.


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