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The Shocco Springs Baptist Conference Center is a nonprofit, Christian conference center located at 1314 Shocco Springs Road in Talladega. The conference center and resort area has over 800 acres that is used for lodging, meeting space, recreation, support services and meals for events held by Christian and nonprofit groups and organizations.


The area where Shocco Springs is now located was originally Indian land and was homesteaded by John Albright in 1849. After he died, his daughter, Mandy, inherited the portion of the homestead that included Shocco Springs. She and her husband subsequently sold the land to Jarred Thompson and he built a hotel and several cottages and opened a resort in 1873. Thompson named his resort Shocco Springs after a resort in Shocco, North Carolina.

During World War II, Shocco Springs was used to house "war workers", men and women who worked at defense plants in the nearby town of Talladega. It was sold to the Alabama Baptist Convention in December, 1947 and began to be used the following year for church events. The newly purchased property included 40 acres of land, 3 hotels, 14 cottages, a pavilion, a dining hall, a swimming pool, and an amphitheater.


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