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Sneaky Pete's Hot Dogs is a Birmingham-based chain of hot-dog restaurants founded by Pete Graphos in 1966 and sold to the present-owner, Bernard D'Amico in 1986. Sneaky Pete's corporate offices are located in the Chambers Building at 100 Centerview Drive in Vestavia Hills. As part of its franchise plan, many new Sneaky Pete's stores are located inside gas station convenience stores under the Sneaky Pete's Express nameplate. The company has also experimented with a more upscale full-service restaurant with a larger menu, dubbed Sneaky Pete's Cafe.

Sneaky Pete's hot dogs are a beef-pork blend with a very thin casing. The signature hot dog has mustard, onions, kraut and the chain's signature hot dog sauce, a ketchup-based, spiced sauce modeled typical to Birmingham's Greek-owned hot dogs stands. Other options include chili, cheese sauce, beef sauce, and bacon. The restaurant's also serve hamburgers, nachos, onion rings, and a full breakfast menu. Sneaky Pete's Hot Dog Sauce is bottled for retail sale and available at several local grocery stores.


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Graphos' first location, called Sneaky Pete's Hot Dogs & Things, was on the 2000 block of 8th Avenue South. He took the name from a nickname given him by one of his friends. The second location, in downtown Homewood, opened when Sammy Graphos joined his brother in 1970. Another brother, Jimmy came on board in 1973, the same year that the partners licensed their first franchise location. The Graphos brothers are descendants of immigrants who came from Greece to Birmingham in the early 20th century to primarily work in the food business, whether produce dealers, grocers, or restaurateurs.

Sam and Jimmy left the company in the mid-1970s, but held onto their locations. Sam renamed his Homewood eatery Sam's Super Samwiches in 1978 and Jimmy changed the name of his to Jimmy's Hot Dogs and Burgers in 1990. In 1986 Pete sold the chain, then numbering 24 locations, to D'Amico. Graphos went on to open two Mountain Brook eateries which have since closed; he later went into real estate full time.

In 2000 the Sneaky Pete's name was licensed to former Coca-Cola executives Ben Katay and Greg Petro. In addition to expanding the chain in the Atlanta area, the two planned to pair it with their own "Crazy Crepes" concept for franchising in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. A concept store in Marietta, Georgia showed early success, but eventually closed.

Sneaky Pete's has had several slogans, the most memorable being "the way hot dogs should be".


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