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Kicks 106 billboard

WKXX-FM (KXX 106, Kicks 106, X-106 and Power Cow Kicks 106) was an album-oriented rock/hit rock station at FM 106.9 from August 5, 1977 to 1990. It took over the frequency from WERC-FM and quickly eclipsed long-time Top 40 AM stations WSGN-AM and WERC-AM on the charts. They were later challenged by WRKK-FM (K-99) and pop-format WAPI-FM (I-95)

Staff members included Rob Barlow, Greg Bass, The Birdman, Brother Rich, Walt Brown, Charlie Bruno, Dave Carlisle, Steve Christie, Bill Coleman, Paul Conrad, Steve Davis, Courtney Haden, Charlie Martin, Lee Masters, Kris O'Lelley, Olanda, Larry O'Day, Jim "Catfish" Prewitt, Wayne Richards, Smokey Rivers, Sid Roberts, Tyrone Robinson, Tom Scott, John Shomby, Chris Trane, Glenn Walker, Jimbo Wood and Danny Wright. Jesse Champion worked as a community affairs reporter for the station.

The station opened with "Beginnings" by Chicago. O'Day is remembered for locking the door to the broadcast booth and playing Blondie's "The Tide is High" over and over, prompting a telephone call from Debbie Harry. When Davis signed off in 1980 he played "Night Moves" by Bob Segar.

After Rivers left in 1982, WKXX moved to "soften" its sound in competition with the new WMJJ-FM "Magic 96". The station's phone numbers, "741-ROCK" and "741-ROLL" were changed. Kevin McCarthy worked as program director. Assistant PD Lee Masters, who had been known on the air as "Rock and Roll Jones" changed his handle to "Rocky Jones", but left for WYDE-AM within the year.

WKXX added urban crossover tracks to its format in 1987, but returned to straight Top-40 in 1989 as "X-106". Masters returned to the station and saw it change names in 1990 to "The Power Cow, Kicks 106" with a Top-40/Urban format. In 1990 the station was rebranded as WBMH-FM "Real Country 106.9".

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