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1832 was 39 years before the founding of the City of Birmingham and the 13th year of Alabama statehood.



Andrew Tarrant in 1904




  • Conrad, Timothy A. (1832) Fossil Shells of the Tertiary Formations of North Alabama. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


In 1832, the Black Hawk War was fought. Andrew Jackson was re-elected president.

Notable births in 1832 included artist Gustave Doré, author Horatio Alger Jr., artist Édouard Manet, author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (a.k.a. Lewis Carroll), criminal Charles Peace, inventor William Crookes, Mobile Mardi Gras founder Joe Cain, novelist Louisa May Alcott, and engineer Gustave Eiffel. Notable deaths included scholar Jean-François Champollion, composer Muzio Clementi, writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, zoologist Georges Cuvier, mathematician Évariste Galois, philosopher Jeremy Bentham, and writer Sir Walter Scott.

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