Bernard Williams (choir director)

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This article is about the chorister and chaplain. For the radiologist, see Bernard Williams (radiologist).
Bernard Williams

Bernard Williams (born Fairfield, died August 22, 2014) was a minister and an educator, serving as pastor of Mount Moriah Baptist Church since 1981 and as director of Miles College's "Golden Voices" choir from 1998 until his death.

Williams was one of the first students to integrate Fairfield City Schools. After attending Tennessee State University with a major in Music Education for voice and the organ, Williams earned a bachelor's degree in music education from Samford University, a master's in education administration from the University of Alabama and an doctoral degree in educational administration from Samford on May 24, 2003.

Williams served as a teacher and band instructor for Birmingham City Schools. He was an employee of the Fairfield Police Department where he served as Chaplain, reserve officer, and director of the department's sports teams. He took the choir at Miles from 32 members in 1998 to over 100 traveling members.


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