Bobby Harris

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Bobby Harris (born in Alabaster) is a retired minister, teacher and principal.

Harris grew up in the Keystone community of worker's houses in Alabaster, mowing yards for spending money. After high school he started college, but dropped out for lack of money. After serving in the Viet Nam War he was able to re-enroll at junior college under the G. I. Bill. He went on to earn a bachelor's degree at Alabama State University in 1976 and a master's in education at Samford University in 1986.

As a teacher with the Shelby County Schools system, Harris broke several color barriers, with threats and lawsuits along the way. He was assistant principal at Thompson High School for 10 years. After being passed over for promotion several times he filed a federal lawsuit. As a result his hiring as principal of Thompson came under a judge's order. After three weeks of turmoil he transferred to become principal of the Shelby County School of Technology and served there until his retirement in 2000.

Harris has also been pastor of New Hope Baptist Church in Sylacauga since 1976.


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