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Browdy's in 2007

Browdy's was a delicatessen that was open from 1913 to 2009, first in downtown Birmingham, then in two locations in Mountain Brook Village.

The restaurant was known for its salmon and eggs, corned beef, knockwurst, smoked whitefish, lox, and shrimp entrees. It also served steaks and sandwiches and had daily specials. A meat market inside the deli sold prime cuts and sliced meats and a kosher bakery produced fresh breads and blintzes.

The deli was founded by Victor Browdy at 1805 4th Avenue North downtown. It moved in 1944 to the Mountain Brook Stores building at 2726 Cahaba Road. In 1967 the deli moved to the Hill's building at 2807 Cahaba Road. Then in 1991 it moved to its final location at 2713 Culver Road in the Mountain Brook Shopping Center.

In 2009, following a sluggish summer, Stan Browdy and Marilyn Leonard, Victor's grandchildren, decided to shut down the restaurant. Browdy and Leonard, both in their 60s, hoped to continue using the restaurant's kitchen space for catering. The space was, however, leased to the founders of Pianeta 3.