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Central Gardens Apartments, formerly South Park Apartments is a large apartment complex located at 2361 South Park Drive in Birmingham's Central Park neighborhood, south of Five Points West and backing up to Valley Creek. Built in 1948, the complex consists of 190-206 1-and 2-bedroom units spread across 42 one- and two-story buildings. The units were renovated in 2003.

The complex has been the scene of several violent crimes. Marvin Shelton was killed in a struggle with his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend in September 2006. Isaiah Ford was killed in an assault while driving through the complex in July 2008. Gregory Shelton Jr was found dead near the complex in December of the same year. Jason Charles Jones died after being shot in the area in December 2015. Garry Lynn Logan was found shot to death in a grassy area off South Park Road in March 2018. A large number of arrests were made in a sweep through the area in September 2011 as part of the Birmingham Police Department's "Operation RESCUE."

The property was owned by "Central Gardens LLC", which was incorporated by James Hubbard of Hubbard Properties in 2003 and dissolved in 2012. In 2016 TMI Real Estate began managing the complex.


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