Commercial Printing Co.

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Commercial Printing Company was a printing and publishing firm which was founded in Birmingham in 1903.

At its founding, the company occupied the ground floor of the Engel Building at 2124 Morris Avenue. It later moved to a 60,446 square foot production and warehouse building at 222 6th Avenue Southwest in North Titusville. The Arledge family acquired the business in the late 1940s.

The company was the first to operate a four-color Heidelberg press in Birmingham, and among the first in the United States to introduce Heidelberg's six-color model. It later used an 8-color perfecting Heidelberg press with computer-to-plate prepress technology.

On May 8, 2008, Commercial Printing was awarded the Centennial Award by the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce. At that time Kim Arledge was CEO of the company. The company's president, Tommy Arledge, died that year and was succeeded by Phillip Winnett.

Commercial Printing Company sold their production building to Rocky Heights Print & Binding in 2017. That company relocated to 298 West Valley Avenue. The Titusville facility was later redeveloped as The Cultural Center.