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This article is about the mining community. For the flowering tree, see Flowering dogwood.

Dogwood is an unincorporated former mining town northwest of Montevallo in southwestern Shelby County. Originally, all property was owned by the mining company. First this was the Montevallo Domestic Coal Company (1915–1917), but later it was the Little Gem Coal Company (1918-1948). Across the railroad tracks was the community of Underwood, where land was privately-owned. Mail for both communities was handled by the Underwood Post Office, located in Mrs. Kirkley’s general store.

The community was home to two mines, the first a sloped tunnel approximately one mile long and the second, later mine, a near vertical shaft. Over time, the mines were modernized with gasoline- and electrically-powered equipment. The average annual coal output was 13,411 tons before mechanization and 87,664 tons after.

The mining company built an elementary school for white children in grades 1-6 on what is now Shelby County Road 22. African American children attended school at a local church. The company also constructed a baseball field.


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