Dread River Distilling Co.

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The Dread River Distilling Co. is a distillery, brewery, winery, tasting room and event space located in the former Peck & Hills furniture company building at 2400 7th Avenue South. The business' name makes reference to the stories of an "underground river" flowing across the city.

Partners in the business, which raised $1.8 million in capital, include John Cubelic and Jeffrey Dugas. Carl White is the head distiller and Michelle Piechowicz is the head brewer. The redevelopment of the 24,000 square foot building was awarded $77,000 in tax abatements from the Birmingham Industrial Development Board. Rives Construction performed the renovation work.

The still, aging whiskey in barrels and other equipment was purchased from White's former employer in North Carolina. The distillery and tasting room are managed by Cyd Quick. Craig Olack is the head chef and Stephen Suitts is the beverage director, overseeing the bar's cocktail menu.

During the 2022 Honda Indy Grand Prix Dread River introduced a 90-proof, bourbon-style corn/wheat/barley whiskey, aged for 2 years and finished in rum casks.


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