Ensley Railway

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The Ensley Railway was a steam "dummy" railroad founded by William Walker Jr and operated by his Ensley Railway Company to carry passengers from downtown Birmingham to the developing industrial suburb of Ensley. The company was incorporated on February 25, 1887.

The "dummy" refers to the railway's small locomotive housed in a superstructure meant to resemble the passenger coaches. The Ensley Railway was sometimes called the "Dummy Line" or "Dummie Line" in the city.

From its terminus at 1st Avenue North and 20th Street in Birmingham, the locomotive and two light coaches proceeded parallel to the St Louis and San Francisco Railway in a northwest direction through Smithfield East Thomas, and Coketon (Pratt City) to Ensley. The track was later extended south to the Alabama State Fairgrounds where it connected with the Birmingham and Bessemer Lines. The railway's privately-owned right of way was later dedicated as Ensley Avenue.

The Ensley Railway was consolidated into the Birmingham Railway and Electric Company in May 1890. That company converted the route to electric cars in 1897.