Gardendale Parks and Recreation Department

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The Gardendale Parks and Recreation Department serves the City of Gardendale, north of Birmingham, with a population of nearly 14,000. The current director is Dale Hyche.

The department was established in March of 1970 with the hiring of Gene Cornett as Director. The department's first truck was purchased from Ed Mollison Chevrolet on July 18, 1972 for $2,410.

In August of 1994, under then Mayor G. William Noble, a beautification division was created within the department with a strong emphasis in beautifying the two major roadways within the city limits of Gardendale, Decatur Highway and Fieldstown Road. Former Mayor Kenny Clemons continued this emphasis.

In 2007, the City of Gardendale purchased the old Oakwood Cemetery office building and converted it into the Parks and Recreation Offices. This building also houses the Gardendale Tennis Association office.


  1. Gene Cornett (March 1970–September 1975)
  2. John Brigham (December 1975–February 2005)
  3. Stan Hogeland (February 2005–October 2012)
  4. Dale Hyche (November 2012–present)