Guaranty Savings and Loan

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This article is about the firm on 2nd Avenue North. For the firm on 1st Avenue North, see Guaranty Federal Savings and Loan.

The Guaranty Savings and Loan Association was a savings and loan with its Birmingham headquarters at 2012 2nd Avenue North. The president was J. T. Bostick.

In the summer of 1948 the savings and loan moved into a new, modern building designed by Warren, Knight and Davis architects. The exterior was clad in dark-green marble with mirrors, glass and photo-murals dominating the interior walls. Floors were black and red terrazzo. Daniel Construction was the contractor for the $100,000 project, which included two floors of offices and a mezzanine.

In the 1960s the Bank sponsored the Flying G Savers Club with weekly kids' shows at the Alabama Theatre.

In 1971 the bank's main office was expanded to the east, taking up half the site of the former Garrett Building.