Homewood National Guard Armory

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Fort William C. Mulkey, more commonly known as the Homewood Armory, is an Alabama National Guard armory located at 2100 South Lakeshore Drive at the corner of Old Montgomery Highway in Homewood.


The original armory was located on Shades Creek Parkway, directly across from the Hollywood Country Club, just east of Independence Drive (U.S. Highway 31). Homewood deeded the land for the original armory, previously part of Shades Creek Park, to the Armory Commission of Alabama in 1947. The 20th Special Forces Group was organized at the armory on July 8, 1961 before moving to the Oporto National Guard Armory in 1963.

In the 1970s, the construction of Brookwood Village and Brookwood Medical Center saw the armory move to a new building at its current site. In 1974, the city council voted to name the armory for Shades Cahaba High School graduate Clem Mulkey who was killed during World War II.


Aside from its military uses, it has also been the site of after school events for nearby Homewood High School. It has also become a live concert venue and is currently the primary evacuation site for Samford University.


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