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Homewood Central Park, often known simply as Homewood Park, is a public park located in Homewood at 1632 Oxmoor Road, where Oxmoor intersects Central Avenue. It's facilities include a swimming pool, to which residents and non-residents may buy season passes; a playground, tennis courts; picnic pavilions; and a community center. Griffin Creek also runs through the park.

The land first became a city park in 1948. In the 1980s the playground was enhanced by the addition of a steel climbing gym in the shape of a caterpillar, initially nicknamed "Cate",.

From October 2002 to October 2003 the park was closed for a $2.6 million renovation contracted to the McCrory Building Company. The new work included landscaping of the creek's shoreline and new bridges over it, new picnic pavilions, an enlarged playground, an amphitheater, public restrooms, and a small skate park.

In July 2008 the Park and Recreation Board voted to remove the skating area following a week which saw the assault of a police officer and the confiscation of a firearm at the park. In early 2011, believing the playground caterpillar did not have an official name, business owners Cathy Fowler and Fran Jones sponsored a "Name That Caterpillar" Contest. The winning entry was "Bugsy" and a plaque with the name was placed outside the playground area in the fall.

The playground was fully renovated again in 2024 to designs by Twin States Recreation of Magnolia Springs, Baldwin County. The $1 million project included a new surface of "Playground Grass" by ForeverLawn. The play equipment was all removed and replaced with equipment and shading structures from BCI Burke of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. New openings were created in the existing steel post boundary wall. "Bugsy" the caterpillar was salvaged for re-use elsewhere in the park, as it was no longer considered safe for climbing.