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Hop City Craft Beer and Wine is a beer, wine and homebrewing store based in Atlanta with a location at 2924 3rd Avenue South in the Pepper Place development in Lakeview which opened in September 2012.

Hop City was opened in Atlanta in 2009 by Kraig Torres. After seeing a good number of customers from Alabama, he decided to open a store in Birmingham.

Hop City stocks over 1,700 different kinds of beer, and has over 60 beers on tap for take-home service.

On September 20, 2012, agents from the Alabama Beverage Control Board raided the store one day before it was scheduled for a soft opening, taking home brewing equipment. Torres delayed the opening of the store until the next week after being directed by ABC to remove supplies used for home brewing. Torres planned to challenge ABC's decision, stating that while it is illegal to brew beer at home, it is not illegal to sell the equipment and supplies.


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