Jefferson County Cemetery

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Jefferson County Cemetery. Photo by Michelle Williams/

The Jefferson County Cemetery is a cemetery used by Jefferson County located at the end of Ballpark Drive southeast of Morris. Used mainly for pauper's burials, the cemetery contains approximately 8,000 graves as of 2016.

Those buried at county expense are placed in pressboard coffins and prayed over by the Cooper Green Mercy Hospital chaplain. Often a representative of the Morris Beautification Board will provide a carnation for each coffin. The graves are marked by a cement-filled coffee can stamped with an identification number.


  • Lockman, Scot (June 2001) "Down in Potter's Field: A cemetery in Morris is the final resting place for Jefferson County's poor." The Birmingham News
  • Robinson, Carol (June 14, 2001) "None but strangers to say goodbye." The Birmingham News
  • Bryant, Walter (January 20, 2007) "Loved in life, robbed in death, a common man is laid to rest." The Birmingham News

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