Jew Hollow

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Jew Hollow was a mining camp operated by the Pratt Coal & Coke Company at its coal mine north of Dogtown and west of present-day Gardendale. In its prime, the community housed a railroad depot, a post office, a school, a skating rink, a company store, and a community house, most of which were constructed by the company alongside rows of small houses that were leased to the miners and their families. Three privately-owned dry goods stores, operated by the Gordon, Kronenberg and Levowitz families, suggested the name of the community.

The mine at Jew Hollow closed around 1920 and most of the miners were transferred to Republic and Brookside. The school was taken over by the Jefferson County Schools system in 1922 and relocated to a new schoolhouse nearby in Mineral Springs.

The community's name is preserved in Jew Hollow Road, which intersects with Fieldstown Road alongside Gardendale's Clemons Recreational Complex.