Joseph Stroup

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Joseph H. Stroup (born c. 1826 in Walker County - died April 30, 1862 in Atlanta, Georgia) was a nephew of furnace builder Moses Stroup. He was the oldest son of Moses' younger brother Benjamin Franklin Stroup and his first wife, Martha Elizabeth "Betsy" Fewell.

By the time of the 1850 census, Stroup had been married to the former Margaret Johnson for a year and was the head of a Cherokee County, Georgia household that included an infant daughter, Mary.

Moses Stroup began working on the expansion of the Tannehill Ironworks in Tuscaloosa County in 1855. It is feasible that Joseph and his family participated in the venture, but Joseph's name is not mentioned in documents of the ironworks operation.

Joseph died in service to the Confederate Army at Atlanta. He is said to be buried at the Oakland CSA Cemetery. A stone reading "JOSH STROUP" or "JOS H STROUP" with the date "1862" has been found at a cemetery near the Tannehill Ironworks. The inscription may have been made as a demonstration by a Boy Scout after the cemetery was rediscovered in 1969, in which case the similarities with Stroup's biography are coincidental.