Joseph Winters

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Joseph Winters (born November 1, 1973) is the founder of TWO Oaks Development and TWO Oaks Construction, and owner of Kelly Road Builders.

Winters grew up on Tuscaloosa's west side. His parents divorced when he was 11. He got involved in criminal activities as a young teenager and rose in status as dealer in crack cocaine and other illicit drugs while he was attending Tuscaloosa Central High School. He lived a lavish lifestyle, but maintained regular attendance in classes and earned a high grade point average.

For his 18th birthday Winters' friends threw a major blow-out surprise party. A fight broke out during the event and Winters fired a handgun into the air trying to get the crowd to disperse. A responding police officer shot and wounded Winters. During the investigation, prosecutors charged Winters with distribution of drugs. Four months later, Winters was arrested and also charged with the attempted murder of the officer.

Winters was convicted on the attempted murder charge and three other drug charges in March 1993 and was sentenced to a total of 62 years in prison. He began serving his sentence at the Draper Correctional Center in Elmore County, where he earned his GED. He also resumed his drug-dealing activities. After he was implicated in a transaction involving other inmates, a warden decided to take a chance that he could change he path and had him transferred to Ventress Correctional Facility in Barbour County. He was granted parole in October 2001, having served just under 9 years of his sentence.

After his releacer, Winters obtained a commercial driver's license and began working for an asphalt paving company. After a year he found a better job with an oilfield company, but still participated in drug distribution. After a federal prosecution he saw his parole revoked. He was held at the Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore County and began serving his 11-year federal sentence at FCC Yazoo City in Mississippi. He was later transferred to FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Winters took advantage of his second prison stint to prepare himself for a career. He became certified as a fitness trainer, fiber-optic installer, and solar panel installer. He also completed associate degrees in construction management and computer-aided drafting and design. He was released in June 2015 and found work as a road and bridge inspector for the Alabama Department of Transportation in Birmingham.

Winters also continued his education. He completed a bachelor's degree in construction management from Everglades University in 2018, and a master of real estate development from Auburn University in 2020. After two years working in land development in Tennessee, he moved back to Birmingham to be closer to his daughter. He worked for a homebuilder and was then hired as a manager at Tortorigi Construction. He founded his own company in 2021. He was mentored by Kelly Road Builders founder Robert Earl Kelly, and later bought that company from him.

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