Julia Tutwiler Hall (1968)

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Julia Tutwiler Hall, December 2021

Julia Tutwiler Hall (1968), nicknamed "The Tut", was a 13-story, 980-bed freshman women's dormitory located at 901 Paul W. Bryant Drive, just southeast of Bryant-Denny Stadium on the campus of the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. It was constructed in 1968 for $4.9 million, and replaced an earlier Julia Tutwiler Hall on the site of the present Rose Administration Building.

The 138-foot tall modern-style brick-clad building was designed by Lawrence Whitten & Son architects. The three wings were splayed radially from a service core with an overhanging flat roof slab that accentuated the curving inside corners. Aluminum windows alternated with yellow spandrel panels in vertical bands separated by tan brick ribs. A 1-story mechanical plant was separated from the south wing of the tower by a service yard. When it was constructed, the university planned to build two additional towers using the same design. Those plans were never realized.

Over the years an adjoining one-story annex building connecting to Tutwiler Hall has housed several food vendors, a bank branch, a branch of the Supe Store, Julia's Market, and a large computer lab.

Julia Tutwiler Hall was demolished in 2022. A new Julia Tutwiler Hall was constructed to its immediate southwest, across 10th Avenue Tuscaloosa from Evergreen Cemetery, in 2022. Salvaged room number plates, bricks, and pavers from the former dormitory were sold to raise funds to support housing scholarships for female students.


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