Kymulga Bridge

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Kylmulga Bridge in 2004

The Kymulga Bridge is a 105-foot-long wood & steel covered bridge spanning Talladega Creek on the old Georgia Road northeast of Childersburg, providing access to Alpine. The bridge was originally constructed in 1861 using a heavy-timber Howe truss for its single span.

The Kymulga Mill, a grist mill using water power from the creek, was built near the bridge in 1864.

The United States government purchased land adjacent to Kymulga Mill in 1941 for the Alabama Ordnance Works and relocated residents from the area. The approaches to the bridge decayed and were removed during this time.

The mill, bridge and immediate surroundings were acquired by the Childersburg Heritage Committee in the 1980s and are now the centerpieces of Kymulga Park. The mill building is in precarious condition.


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