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Charles Lamar Vick is the police chief of the Columbiana Police Department.

Vick joined the Columbiana Police Department in 1983, but left in 1984 to become chief of the Wilsonville Police Department. He returned to Columbiana's police force in 1993.

In 1996, Vick ran against incumbent Wilsonville Mayor Jake Morris for the position, ultimately losing in a runoff election, 294 votes to 228.

In 2007 Vick became the third Columbiana Police Chief in the space of a month. Chief Johnny Brown resigned on April 2 in the wake of a criminal investigation. When Brown's temporary replacement, Shawn King retired on April 13, Vick, the most senior of the six remaining Columbiana police officers, was named acting chief for 90 days. Columbiana Mayor Allan Lowe joked with Vick upon the city council's unanimous acceptance of his appointment, "you are the acting chief of the Columbiana Police Department; may God have mercy on your soul."

Mayor Lowe postponed selecting a permanent replacement for the police chief until after the 2008 general election, because a new mayor could appoint a new chief. He commended Vick for doing "an exceptional job" as interim chief. Vick was appointed to the position permanently, with approval of the city council, in November 2008.

Preceded by:
Chief of Wilsonville Police Department
Succeeded by:
Terry Newman?
Preceded by:
Shawn King (interim)
Chief of Columbiana Police Department
Succeeded by:


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