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This article is about Jefferson County community. For other uses, see Majestic (disambiguation).

Majestic is a small community centered on the southern terminus of Jefferson County Highway 137 (Hagood Road) at Jefferson County Highway 131 (Morris-Majestic Road or Majestic Road) in northern Jefferson County, south of Kimberly and east of Morris.

Majestic was founded by Horace Hammond in 1915 as the first mining village for his Majestic Coal Company. He chose the site in the headwaters of Turkey Creek, just west of the South and North Railroad and sunk a shaft, initially employing 45 workers. The village was nearly wiped off the map by a deadly tornado on May 27, 1917.

Hammons sold his company to Alabama By-Products in 1920 and production was increased with as many as 236 workers on site.

The Haig Missionary Baptist Church, Whitney's Groceries (formerly Guthrie's Grocery), and Majestic Services auto repair shop are the community's primary landmarks. There was formerly a Majestic School on Jefferson County Highway 133 (Bill Jones Road)


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