McWane Science Center parking deck

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The McWane Science Center Parking Deck, originally the Loveman's parking deck, is a 400-space public parking deck constructed in 1971 for Loveman's department store. The 7-level concrete-framed deck is organized around a semi-circular ramp with an open lightwell at the center. The entrance is from a ramp accessed from 2nd Avenue North. The exit is at ground level on 18th Street North. An enclosed passage over the alley between the parking deck and the Loveman's building connected the two until the construction of the McWane Science Center began.

In the 1980s, during Costa & Head's and later Birmingham Landmarks' efforts to revitalize the Alabama Theatre with classic films and other events, the parking deck was open to audiences, workers, and volunteers for parking. This ceased shortly before McWane opened and began using the deck itself.

The deck presently serves the McWane Science Center. Parking, at a flat rate of $5, is limited to museum visitors, with tokens distributed from the ticketing counter in the lobby. Members receive free tokens.