Mike's Hot Dogs

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Mike's Hot Dogs in July 2007

Mike's Hot Dogs (also known as Chicago Mike's) was a lunch-only hot dog stand located at 2701 18th Street in Homewood. It was founded by Mike Zaden in 1996. He operated it with his wife, Phyllis until retiring in 2012. The business was then sold to Kyle and Michelle Collum and their daughter, Jennifer Pennington.

Mike's Hot Dogs' menu features 1/4 pound all-beef kosher hot dogs brought in from Chicago as well as hamburgers and grilled chicken sandwiches. The special dog comes with mustard, sauce, onions and kraut. Mike's sauce is tomato-based with a smoky, hickory flavor.

The setting is sparse, with a few plastic tables located under awnings on either side of the toolshed-sized stand. Mike's was a top-5 finalist in both the "Best Burger Around" (2000) and the "Top Dog in Town" (2001) contests sponsored by the Birmingham News.

The hot dog stand lost their ground lease and closed in 2017.


  • Carlton, Bob (June 4, 2012) "Popular Homewood eatery Mike's Hot Dogs sells; previous owner Michael Zaden is retiring." The Birmingham News

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