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Moore School, later Moore Elementary School was a Jefferson County and Birmingham elementary school in Ensley.

Early in Ensley's history, the County school operated from an empty store front on 17th Street between Avenue F and Avenue G. In 1899 a group of residents selected a temporary school board to plan for a new school building. Judge Rod Scott, D. R. Hay, Edgar Keenon, T. G. Mackay, R. J. Powell, J. J. Walker and D. J. Moore served on that board.

The Ensley Land Company donated a site at the corner of Avenue G and 14th Street Ensley where a new two-story brick school building was completed in 1900. Moore was elected principal and served until 1906. Subsequently the school was re-named in his honor.

The school became part of Birmingham City Schools during the Greater Birmingham annexation of 1910. The school building was replaced in 1926.

In the 1950s, although the school was still segregated, the student body was notably diverse, with a large number of children of immigrants from Italy, France, Greece, Mexico, Czechoslovakia and England. In the 1980s it was called one of the best schools in the city by assistant Superintendent Fred Phillips.