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Muzik & More (formerly Music-N-More) is a record store founded by Aquil Abdur-Rasheed and his wife, Hafeeza in 1992. They first operated at a booth in the Bessemer Flea Market before expanding to three locations: one at the Midfield Plaza shopping center in Midfield, one at the Heritage Towne Centre in Woodland Park, and one at 2247 Bessemer Road in Five Points West.

Abdur-Rasheed was killed during a robbery at the Midfield store on March 31, 2004. His widow and son, Aquil Jr kept the chain open until late 2008, when all three locations closed.

With the redevelopment of Fair Park underway, Abdur-Rasheed reopened the Five Points West location in July 2009, adopting the new name. In January 2011 the store moved to the Crown Plaza Shopping Center at 1401 3rd Avenue West. The shopping center's roof was blown off during the April 27 tornado, and Abdur-Rasheed lost an estimated $10,000 worth of clothing and merchandise.


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