National Carbon Capture Center

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The National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC), formerly known as the Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Center (PC4), is a research facility in Wilsonville. It was created by the U.S. Department of Energy in 2009 and is managed and operated by Southern Company. The program works with independent researchers to develop technoloy-based strategies for reducing the atmospheric impacts of fossil fuel energy at every stage of its extraction, production, distribution and use, as well as offsetting those impacts by recapturing carbon already released.

The Center receives funding from the Energy Department's Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management, as part of the National Energy Technology Laboratory. It also operates with sponsorship from major energy companies. John Northington, Southern Company's director of net-zero technologies research and development, heads the NCCC's staff as director.

The NCCC replaced the Department's former Power Systems Development Facility (PSDF), operated under the same arrangement on the same site, at Unit 5 of Alabama Power's E. C. Gaston Steam Plant, since 1995.


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