Owl's Hollow Farm

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Owl's Hollow Farm is a vegetable farm near Gadsden owned by Rod Palmer. The farm's produce and herbs are grown hydroponically in series of six greenhouses totaling 14,600 square feet and sold at a number of restaurants in the Birmingham area, as well as at Pepper Place Market, Urban Cookhouse Farmers Market, V. Richard's and Whole Foods. The operation began in May 2001.

In January 2011 snow and ice caused a collapse of the greenhouse structure, rendering 90% of the operation unfarmable. Urban Cookhouse was among the local restaurants which helped raise funds to assist in rebuilding.

In early 2015 Owl's Hollow opened a farm store at 815 Shades Crest Road, next to Mr P's Deli in Bluff Park.


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  • Velasco, Eric (January 20, 2015) "A new brick-and-mortar shop allows a local farm to sell its produce and others’ wares year-round." The Birmingham News

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