Patchwork Farm

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Patchwork Farm was an 87-acre horse farm located between Caldwell Mill Road and the Cahaba River near the Colonnade shopping center. It was purchased by the Thuss family in the 1960s and sold to the city of Vestavia Hills in 2007.

The farm, which had stables for around 30 horses, hosted numerous Cahaba Pony Club events.

Pat Blinn (formerly Pat Thuss) agreed to sell the property to Vestavia for $11 million. The city is in the process of annexing it and is working with Retail Specialists Inc. and Goodwyn Mills & Cawood to create a development plan.

Though part of the city's agreement with Blinn was to reserve about 12 acres for a public park, Vestavia is currently projecting that 36 acres will be set aside for park and athletic facilities.


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