Quondam et Futurus

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Quondam et Futurus: Newsletter for Arthurian Studies was a quarterly newsletter for the study of literature about the legendary British king Arthur. It was published for ten years by Birmingham-Southern College and edited by Mildred Leake Day of Gardendale.

The first issue is dated Spring 1979. The last issue (vol. 10, no. 4) is dated Summer 1990. The title comes from the Latin phrase rex quondam et futurus, referring to Arthur as "the once and future king."

In 1990 the newsletter was merged with Arthurian Interpretations, which had been published twice a year by the University of Memphis Department of English, and edited by Henry H. Peyton III. Peyton edited the new, combined quarterly, which began publication in 1991 as Quondam et Futurus: A Journal of Arthurian Interpretations.

The successor to Quondam et Futurus is Arthuriana, the official journal of the North American branch of the International Arthurian Society. It is published four times a year at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.

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