Red, White and Blue(grass)

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Red, White and Blue(grass) was a folk and bluegrass band founded in Birmingham in 1969.

Ginger and Grant Boatwright, who had been performing as a vocal/guitar duo, recruited banjo player Dale Whitcomb to form the nucleus of the band. They soon added bassist Dave Sebolt. Mandolinist Norman Blake and fiddlers Byron Berline and Vassar Clements performed with the group at different times. Additional credited musicians on their records included Johnny Gimble, Terry McMillan, Mike Barnett, Ed Barnett, and the Lea Jane Singers.

The band released three albums between 1973 and 1977. They peaked at #71 on the Billboard charts with the 1973 single "July, You're a Woman", written by John Stewart. They opened for Buckingham Nicks for their January 31, 1975 concert at Municipal Auditorium.

The band, which relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, ended its run with the Boatwrights' divorce in 1979.


  • Red, White and Blue(grass) (1973) Guaranteed GRC Records
  • Red, White and Blue(grass) (1974) Pickin’ Up GRC Records
  • Red, White and Blue(grass) (1977) Red White and Blue (grass) and Company. Mercury Records

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