Robert Jemison Sr residence

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There have been two notable Robert Jemison Sr residences in Birmingham, one built in 1884 in downtown Birmingham and a second built in 1902 at Glen Iris Park.

Robert Jemison Sr was a successful hardware merchant in Tuscaloosa before he and his wife, Eugenia arrived in Birmingham. He constructed a Queen-Anne style mansion in the residential district that centered on 21st Street, north of 4th Avenue.

After the success of his two primary ventures, the Avondale Land Company and the Birmingham Railway, Light and Power Company, Jemison began making plans for a new house in the city's relatively undeveloped Southside. The result was the development of Glen Iris Park, with 16 homes for himself, friends, associates and family members. He secured the talents of landscape architect Samuel Parsons to lay out the new subdivision, and hired architect Thomas Walter III to design his home, located at 16 Glen Iris Park, which was completed in 1902.


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