T. A. Klebs

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Theodore Alexander Klebs was a German-born physician and pharmacist who operated Klebs Drug Store in Birmingham from 1887 to 1901.

Klebs earned his medical degree from the University of Louisiana (now Tulane University) in 1876 and was admitted to the Jefferson County Medical Society in 1887.

His first store was located at 4th Avenue North and 20th Street. He had a second store on the Southside, with J. E. Austin as clerk, in 1893. By 1896 Klebs had relocated to 3rd Avenue North and 19th Street.

In 1901 Klebs sold his store to W. L. Housman and John Tomlin and relocated to New York's Upper East Side., where he opened a new pharmacy on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 63rd Street.