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The Lolas was a rock band formed by Tim Boykin after the the Shame Idols' label, Frontier Records, went under in 1998.

Boykin wrote and was producing new demo tracks for the Idols at Daniel Farris' Denial Labs when the group fizzled. He completed the tracks and sold them to Jam! Records. Walon Smith and Mark Reynolds joined him on bass and drums. The resulting new band was named for his girlfriend's dog.

The band drifted apart, but reformed with Don Tinsley and Jesse Diego Suttle. In 2002 the group toured Osaka and Tokyo Japan as guests of the Wizzards in Vinyl label, which re-released some of their earlier recordings, as well as the 2006 album Doctor Apache.


  • The Lolas (1999) Ballerina Breakout. Jam! Records
  • The Lolas (2001) Silver Dollar Sunday. Jam! Records
  • The Lolas (2004) Something You Oughta Know. Jam! Records
  • The Lolas (2006) "Let's Rock Rave & Shout with the Lolas!". Wizzard in Vinyl
  • The Lolas (2006) Doctor Apache. Wizzard in Vinyl

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