Thomas Dill

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Thomas John Dill (born November 8, 1825 on Edisto Island in Charleston County, South Carolina; died January 31, 1901 in East Lake) was a professor of Latin and Greek at Howard College in the 1880s.

Dill was the son of Joseph Mason and Regina Alison Dill of South Carolina. He was educated at Christopher Cotes' academy in Charleston and earned his A.B. with second honors from South Carolina College in 1845. He began teaching school at Edisto for a few years, and then migrated with a group of families to Dallas County, Alabama in 1849, establishing the community of Carlowville. Dill founded an academy and operated it there until 1869 when he was hired onto the faculty of Howard College in Marion. He remained in that position for thirty-one years, moving with the school to East Lake in the vicinity of Birmingham in 1887.

Dill served one year as dean of the faculty in 1887. He resigned in 1900 due to blindness, and died the following year. He is buried at Elmwood Cemetery.

Dill and the former Janie Lee Alison of Carlowville, were married in May 1851. They had six children: Joseph, Jacob, Margaret, William, Thomas A., and Henry.