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Timothy W. Kraft is a biophysicist and retina researcher and the inventor of the "Opti-sight" gunsight.

Kraft is currently a professor at UAB's Department of Vision Sciences in the School of Optometry and an investigator at the UAB Vision Science Research Center.

He has a bachelor of science in life sciences from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD in Physiology from the University of Minnesota. He has done post-doctoral research on primate retinal tissue at Stanford University and the University of California in San Francisco. He came to UAB as an assistant professor of ophthalmology and is currently studying retinal signal processing, color vision loss and photoreceptor degeneration in pursuit of therapies to improve failing eyesight.

Kraft took up target shooting as a hobby after his first child was born in 1989. He tried out for the 2000 and 2004 Olympic teams before tackling the problem of improving gun sights. The result is an accessory that is custom-fitted for a particular gun and shooter's arm length. It operates by creating a portion of a triangle which the shooter is more-easily able to complete subconsciously when aiming at a target. It improves on the traditional sight which does not make use of subconscious visual abilities. A patent has been applied for through the UAB Patent Research Office.


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