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This article is about the motel at 275 Oxmoor Road, for the motel at 9225 Parkway East see Parkway Inn Birmingham.

The Travel Inn, formerly Rodeway Inn, Oxmoor Valley Lodge and Quality Inn South, is a 2-story, 211-room motel at 275 Oxmoor Road in Homewood.

The motel opened in August 1972 and was managed by Jack E. Evans who was reassigned from Anniston. When it opened the motel featured a restaurant and lounge and three meetings rooms that could be opened into a large room for groups of as many as 240 attendees.

The motel was owned and managed by C. K. Thompson from 1972 to 1981, when it was purchased for $3.1 million by a group of English investors with Dileep Patel as their U.S. "straw owner" and resident manager. He was assisted by Roy Patel, an unrelated partner in the purchase.

In March of that year, Rodeway Inns International of Dallas, Texas revoked the motel's franchise license for failure to upgrade to meet the chain's quality standards. It continued to operate as the Oxmoor Valley Lodge

In apprlying for a new liquor license for the motel's lounge, Panzy King told the Homewood City Council that Best Western Motels was expected to take over with a major renovation. The owners invested approximately $500,000 to renovate and were approved for a franchise from Quality International to operate as Quality Inn South.


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