Veterans Memorial Park (Gardendale)

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Veteran's Memorial Park in 2016

The Gardendale Veterans Memorial Park, is located in the 1200 block of Decatur Highway in Gardendale and borders Main Street on one side and Decatur Highway on the other side. The park was built in the 1960s and dedicated in the mid-1980s.

The current park features a cannon and a ship's anchor, various plaques and monuments, and a small parking area. An American flag on a 20-foot pole is the centerpiece of the park. In addition, a large granite marker designed by Richard Bradley of Laser Works of Alabama stands eight feet tall in the park and depicts war scenes and the six seals of the nation's armed forces. Five granite benches representing each major war involving American troops, including the current Mideast conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are placed in the middle of the park, as well. Black granite bricks adorn the center of the park and honor those who have served in the military or were killed in the line of duty.

The Gardendale Beautification Commission and the City of Gardendale provide maintenance and upkeep for the park.


Mr. Holly Mitchell from Montgomery drew up the plans for the park in 1965. Originally there were 99 crosses that represented members of the Armed Services who lost their lives in different wars. The flag poles in the park were decorated each year with lights to form the shape of Christmas trees.

Veteran's Memorial - front
Veteran's Memorial - back

Text on plaque dedicated on May 27, 1985

The Veterans Memorial Park is located on what was an overgrown piece of land in front of the home of Bud and Vivian Erwin. The park was created through the vision and hard work of many dedicated citizens along with the Gardendale Beautification Board.

Text on plaque dedicated on May 15, 2010

This Veterans Memorial was dedicated on this day to the Men and Women that served faithfully in the Armed Services of the United States of America. It is their sacrifices that allow us the freedoms that we cherish as Americans in the Great Country. Thank you for your Service!


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