West Homewood Park

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West Homewood Park after 2018 renovation work

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West Homewood Park is a public park in Homewood located at 121 West Oxmoor Road.

Park facilities include several tennis courts, a swimming pool, and several baseball/softball fields which cover the majority of the park's land. Residents and non-residents may buy season passes to the pool. A pair of creeks also run through the park, joining at the park's southern edge. The park is adjacent to Waldrop Stadium, although the stadium is not accessible from it. The eastern edge of the park is adjacent to the Edgemont Park and Edgemont Hills neighborhoods.

Homewood Park and Recreation Board member Carl Brunson first proposed that the city seek to acquired land from the Tennesee Coal, Iron & Railroad Company to the west of the city limits for park purposes in May 1963. The purchase was completed in July 1966. The original park was designed by architect Felton Collier.

Four tennis courts were added to the park in June 1974.

Phase III of the Shades Creek Greenway is designed to connect with the park.