Wil Jones

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Wil Jones

Wil Jones (born 1987 in Birmingham) is medical student at UAB, a former U.S. Army sergeant, and former freelance video and audio production engineer.

Jones grew up in Roebuck Springs and was home-schooled through the East Lake United Methodist Church Academy. As a videographer he has recorded meetings of the City Council since 2006.

Jones ran unsuccessfully for Birmingham City Council District 3 in the 2009 Birmingham City Council election. As a candidate he ran on a platform of improving education, public safety, fiscal responsibility and neighborhood involvement. He finished behind incumbent Valerie Abbott and challenger Howard Bayless with a small percentage of the vote.

Jones enlisted in the U.S. Army, earning his discharge as a sergeant in 2017. He is currently a researcher at UAB School of Medicine's UAB Lung Health Center.

Jones ran for Birmingham City Council District 3 again in the 2021 Birmingham municipal election. He was endorsed by Jefferson County Constable Mitchell Hagood. He came in last place, behind incumbent Valerie Abbott, Alice Speake, and Joseph Casper Baker.

On September 6, 2022 he filed to run as president of the Five Points South neighborhood association during the October 18, 2022 Birmingham neighborhood elections. Jones won his election, and his term started on January 31, 2023. He was elected Vice President of the Southside community on February 18, 2023.


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