Woodlawn Church of God

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This article is about the Woodlawn Church of God located on 3rd Avenue North prior to c. 1972 and thereafter on 10th Avenue North. For the former congregation of the same name once located at 5300 Georgia Road see Woodlawn Church of God (Georgia Road).

Woodlawn Church of God also known as Woodlawn Community Church of God is located at 4519 Richard Arrington Jr Boulevard North in Kingston. It was previously located in Woodlawn first (by 1925) on 4th Avenue North and then (by 1939) for many years at 6012 3rd Avenue North, also in Woodlawn. The construction of I-20/59 required it to move.

It is an historically African American congregation affiliated with the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) movement. In 1925 it reported a membership of 20, in 1939, 39. In 2011 it reported an average weekend attendance of 50.