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Yuri Shapochka is a filmmaker, painter and photographer.

Shapochka emigrated to the United States from the Ukraine, where he worked as a journalist, writer and a producer/director for Ukrainian Television.

He and Steven Antselevich founded Aurora Productions (now ALVICH) in Birmingham in 1997. He is also the Creative Director for Freeshape, a web design company and is associated with Antselevich's Birmingham Film Institute, an after-school educational program for teenagers.

Shapochka's 2013 feature-length film Clubhouse is set in the Women's Club House and was inspired by its caretaker Bob McKenna. He has also several independent short films, including The Little Theater, High Expectations, Ivan Goes Abroad, Game Shop, Waiting and "Six Blocks Wide", which was written by Teresa Thorne.

Shapochka and his wife Marina Bolshinskaya live in Vestavia Hills and have one son, Mark.


  • Chambers, Jesse (June 14, 2012) "In Birmingham by way of Russia, Yuri Shapochka finds that a home in the south and a career in film are not mutually exclusive ideas." B-Metro
  • Chambers, Jesse (June 28, 2012) "Russian-born director makes his home and his movies in Bham." Weld for Birmingham

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