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Zoomerang is a Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster that formerly operated at Alabama Adventure in Bessemer.

The train was built by Arrow Dynamics and features 7 cars, seating 4 per car (28 total). It is red, and in 2006 airbrushed flames were added to the sides as well as a new airbrushed logo on the front of the train. The ride starts with the train being pulled backwards up the first lift via cable. At the top it is released where it then passes through the station at 48 mph. It goes through three inversions then goes up a second chain lift. The train is released and travels the course in reverse.

The ride originally opened in 1988 as "Titan" at World Expo Park in Brisbane, Australia. It closed after only one season before opening as "Demon" in 1992 at Wonderland in Sydney. It operated until the park closed in April 2004, where it then made the trip to Alabama Adventure, where it began operation on May 8, 2005 as "Zoomerang"

The ride closed in 2011. The park was sold to General Attractions LLC in early 2012, and the Zoomerang was subsequently sold to Wonderla in Bangalore, India in 2013.


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